Oats so expensive

Porridge is a popular breakfast and certainly healthier than highly processed breakfast cereals full of sugar.  Include some protein and fat to get a decent meal that will keep you going all morning.


Porridge is also very cheap – well sometimes.

Natural porridge oats cost less than £2 for a 1kg bag.



 Sometimes it’s very expensive.


You can buy it ready measured into portions.  These cost around £2.50 for 10 x sachets each of 34g.

That’s equivalent to over £7 a kg or 350% of the cost of natural oats.

You also need to check the ingredients of pre-packaged porridge as many of the varieties have added sugar – up to an incredible 24% sugar in fact – and this in a product that claims to be healthy.

Is a 34g serving the amount you want?  To clear your plate, you might eat more than you need (which is wasteful and puts weight on you) just because someone else has dictated the portion size.


However busy you are, you have time to spend 10 seconds measuring a couple of spoonfuls of oats out yourself. Very little effort indeed for such a huge saving.





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