Good Value Real Food

Real Food is Better Value

The kids are thrilled that the holidays have arrived but if you’re a parent you might have concerns over the cost of feeding them now they’re not getting school dinners. 40y ago we spent a 1/4 of our income (25%) on food, now it’s only about 10%. Price is key when choosing what to buy.

A common reason people give me for not eating real food it that it’s too expensive compared to ready meals and take-aways. Nothing could be further from the truth, it’s just that the manufacturers are adept at presenting their wares as cheap.

Ready meals average £2.50 a pop, (should that be a ping?) and for most you’d still have to add your own veg or salad.   Basic takeaways cost anything from £3 or £4 upwards and again have little in the way of fresh plants. Other people might sacrifice their money and food quality to avoid a few minutes of cooking but you want good food, good value and good health, so I’ve had a go at costing some recipes which I’ll be posting here over the next few weeks and then on my Learn to Eat Well website at the end of August. They’re all under £2 per adult, from decadent pork stroganoff at £1.87, through pasta with salmon sauce and salad (the first one for you to try – see below) at £1.60, to liver and onions with cabbage and mash at 81p for the most nutritious food on the planet (NB liver is high in vitamin K so not good with warfarin).

Pasta and salmon sauce – serves 2 adults

Cook pasta in boiling water 25p

In a small saucepan melt some butter 10p

Add a 212g tin of pink salmon £1.84

Add 1/3 tin tomatoes (freeze the rest) 12p

Add a big pinch of fresh dill (freeze the rest) 6p

At the end stir in ~50ml double cream 25p

(don’t let it boil)

Drain the pasta, stir through some butter 6p

then pour the sauce over.

Serve with mixed salad (lettuce (buy a whole one not expensive, chemical soaked pre-prepped bag), carrot, tomato, radish) 52p

dressed with olive oil and vinegar

Total £3.20; £1.60 per person. So easy, so quick, so tasty!

(I’ve put the price I paid. These vary depending where you shop so you might be able to make each recipe for even less money.)

Top tip – Real food saves you a packet!


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