Awesome meal less than £2.50

Putting Meals Together

Every meal should contain three things: plants, protein and fats.

Some meals seem to go with salad, others with veg but every meal should include some fresh plants (white potatoes don’t count), preferably including 2 or more colours and something non-starchy.  When you make real food from fresh ingredients, it’s easy to make sure you always have some.  It’s often the plant part that’s missing or cooked to death in junk food.

Here’s one of my favourite meals! I had it in a pub near Bath and have been making it ever since.

Pea and Chorizo risotto with Sea Bass

Put the kettle on to boil for stock

Put a knob of butter in a large frying pan 10p

Chop 1 x small onion and cook for 3 mins 10p

Add 125 ml risotto rice 30p

Stir around for a minute or two then add a little stock 7p

Simmer gently, adding more stock as it is absorbed.

Slice two ‘blobs’ of chorizo and add to pan 70p

The rice will take about 20 minutes to cook

In a small frying pan heat another knob of butter 10p

Cook two small fillets of sea bass skin side up first £3

Turn fish over after 3 minutes.

5 minutes before the end, add two good handfuls of peas 12p

When everything is ready, add a tbsp of grated Parmesan 25p

to the risotto and stir through.

Total for this awesome meal £4.74. That’s £2.37 per person.

Just reading the recipe makes my mouth water.


I later couldn’t find sea bass at the price originally posted (must have been on offer) so I’ve redone the costings.  This meal is now >£2 but still fabulous if you can afford to treat yourself and still cheaper than most take-aways and ready meals.

To stick to my original plan I’ve taken it out of the week and added a bonus recipe – Leek and Mushroom Tagliatelle for £1.27.


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