Low cost weight loss and recipes

The secret to losing weight is to eat real food.  There’s a chapter on slimming in my book Survival Guide for the Skint and I’ve proved in this recipe series that real food is cheaper than junk food. If you want temporary weight loss, followed by regain to heavier than you were before you started, by all means go on a diet. If you want to be slim and healthy, and stay that way, then ignore anything ready-made or that says low-fat or low-cal. These products are full of sugar and chemicals. They won’t help you and can damage your health.  If you want to learn how to eat well, have a look at my Learn to Eat Well website.

You might have noticed from the pictures of my meals that the servings of rice, pasta and potatoes are small compared to the main dish and the salad or veg.  It’s sugar and starchy carbs (called by Dr David Unwin ‘soon to be sugar’) that cause weight gain.  We used to call starchy carbs ‘stodge’.  And we knew that they would make us snoozy and cause weight gain.

(I’ll be posting about the recent confusing carb headlines next month on Learn to Eat Well.)

Here are another two recipes bringing them up to 7 now. That’s a full week’s worth of costed meals coming to a total of only £10.72.

£10.72 for a week of really delicious main meals!!!

Don’t try to tell me junk food costs less than that.

I’ll be doing a shopping list next week and a bonus meal.

Pork stroganoff

Cook long-grain brown rice in boiling water.

Boil some water (I like to add a stock cube rather than salt) 7p

Add 125ml brown rice, turn down to simmer 15p

Put a knob of butter in a large frying pan 10p

Chop 1 x small onion and cook for 3 mins 10p

Remove to a bowl.

Cut one 300g pork tenderloin in to pieces ½” thick 2.25

Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan 5p

Fry off the meat for a couple of minutes until there is no pink left. Depending on the size of your pan, you might need to do this in two batches. Put the first batch in the bowl with the onion while you cook the second.

Put the onion and rest of the meat back in the pan.

Turn down the heat to low.

Add 1/5 tube of tomato puree 10p

Juice of ½ a lemon or good slug from a bottle 12p

1/5 big tub of natural yoghurt 20p

Good pinch of dried oregano 4p

Stir and cover with a lid.

Towards the end, add a good pinch of fresh chopped parsley 7p

Total £3.22 plus salad at 52p

Starting with tenderloin, a luxurious cut of pork, you’d think this would be hugely pricey but no, it comes out at = £1.87 per person.

However, for another recipe with a delicious creamy taste that costs even less, try this one:

Pork in mushroom and cream sauce

In a frying pan, melt a knob of butter 10p

Chop a small onion and cook for 3 mins 10p

Add 2 x sliced pork steaks 1.50

Cook until no pink remains

Chop 5 or 6 closed cup mushrooms 20p

Towards the end, add a couple of handfuls of spinach 30p

Season with salt, pepper and pinch dried parsley 5p

Heaped teaspoon wholegrain mustard 3p

Cream 25p

Meanwhile boil some new potatoes 25p

And make a salad (see above) 52p

Total £3.30 or £1.65 per person


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